Repair & Refurbish Sash Window

Sash windows will need a little TLC to keep them looking smart and working well. By their traditional nature they are often old and potentially in a state of disrepair. There are many things we can do to bring a sash and casement window back to its former glory.

Repair and refurbishment can include:

  • Sash Cords: replacing frayed, painted or snapped sash cords
  • Pulley wheels: repairing or replacing jammed or broken pulley wheels
  • Glass replacement of any broken or cracked panes of glass
  • Frame repair: repairing damaged or weakened parts of the wooden fabric of the windows
  • Mastic and putty re-application
  • Draught-proofing the sash window
  • Re-painting professionally the window exterior
Repair & Refurbish Sash Window